If living in the White Island is something that has been on your mind for a while, today we have brought you a test meant to find out with absolute certainty (sarcasm sign) if you are really made to live in Ibiza. It was designed by a prestigious group of psychologists graduated from Math School!

Answer with honesty every question in this test and sort out your doubts.

1 Would you be willing to spend half (or more) of your monthly income in paying for a room, or a flat if you are lucky?

A) Yes: living in Ibiza is a luxury many people would like to be able to afford. As long as I have a job, I am willing to do that and more!

B) It depends on the job I have (and how much I earn, of course).

C) No, it is way too much money and I am sure the other half would go in services such as electricity, water and food. I couldn’t even go for a beer!

2Tourism is one of the main sources of income for Ibiza, which means that there are two clearly different seasons (winter and summer). Would you be okay with working restlessly during the summer and resting throughout the winter?

A) Great! It is less expensive to travel during that time of the year and it is way easier!

B) If I have friends in the same situation as me, then I would not mind.

C) I would not like it because it would not fit with the plans of most of my friends and we would not be able to travel together during the summer.

3How do you think you would adapt to the difference between winter and summer in Ibiza?

A) That difference is what I like the most about Ibiza, during summer it is like living in a big city where everything happens, and during winter you can enjoy the peacefulness of living in a small town.

B) I would have to try it first in order to know the answer.

C) I don’t really like extremes.

4How would you cope with having so many things to do and so many leisure activities during summer in Ibiza?

A) I would pick out the best plans and I would try them out according to my time and budget.

B) I don’t know if I would like to be exposed to so much temptations.

C) It is quite likely that partying goes beyond my control.

5The summer in Ibiza is very hot and humid, that humidity causes the thermal sensation to be quite cold during winter days. Would you be able to adapt to the different types of weather?

A) It is easy to stand the heat if you can dive into those cristal clear waters. You can deal with cold by staying at the couch with a blanket and Netflix, or by going to a bar for a few beers.

B) I can deal with the heat but I cannot stand the cold (or the other way around).

C) Oops… I think I would do better in a more stable weather.

6Since there are not many aerial routes from Ibiza during winter, it can be a bit expensive to travel during those months and you would probably need to stop off at some cities depending on where you are going. Are you willing to cope with that?

A) Yes because Madrid and Barcelona are less than an hour away, and you can travel to anywhere on the world from there.

B) This may be a deal-breaker for me. I hate having to stop somewhere!

C) I don’t really like to spend a lot of time planning my trips, and this does not leave much room for improvising. I don’t think I would handle it well.

7You are drinking a beer at Plaza del Parque and you see a group of boys and girls in their tiny swimming suits. How would you react?

A) It would not affect me. The coolest thing about Ibiza is that it does not matter how you choose to dress. Live and let live!

B) I would find it funny and I would comment it with my friends.

C) I would find it offensive and disrespectful.

8How would you react to having an extra heavy workload during summer season in Ibiza?

A) I am aware that there are times when there is a high volume of work, so I am mentally prepared and I know there will be enough time to rest later.

B) It depends on the day. Sometimes I may it find it too hard to cope with.

C) I don’t think I would be okay with working sometimes 12 hours a day and sometimes 6. I need more stability.

9How do you feel about large groups of people hanging out on public spaces?

A) I don’t have a problem with it. The more, the merrier!

B) It depends on whether it is a close or open space.

C) I cannot stand it; I suffer from agoraphobia.

10BONUS: You organized a picnic on the beach with your friends and now it is time to clean up the space. How do you react?

A) I would tell them how to organize (as a sargent) in order to leave the beach even better than we found it.

B) I would clean as much as I can, but I would not ask for help more than once.

C) I would try to clean most of my mess, but I would not worry if it is not perfect.


Mostly AA

You are definitively made to live in Ibiza! You know how to enjoy all the good things the island has to offer. You would be one of those people that come to spend their holydays and then stay to live here. What are you waiting for?

BMostly B

It is clear that the idea of living in Ibiza echoes within your head, but maybe you should weight out your pros and cons before making such a decision. It is possible that life on the island is not what you imagined during those unforgettable vacations.

CMostly C

The White Island is an amazing place, there is no doubt about it. However, you are not made to live in Ibiza. Maybe you feel more comfortable in a large city or in a small town. Or maybe you just prefer to come by during holydays and then go back home.

* If you answer was ‘C’ in the Bonus questin… Then don’t ever come to Ibiza! 😉


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