1 What is AyudaenIbiza?

Ayudaenibiza is the first communications channel directed not only to tourists but mainly to residents of the island.

2 “Our readers, your loyal customers”

Every year thousands of people arrive at Ibiza looking for work, a home and new surroundings to explore. Ayudaenibiza is directed towards both young men and women that have been living in Ibiza some time and those that have just arrived, and need help or first-hand recommendations to discover the ins and outs of life in Ibiza. Ayudaenibiza readers have the potential to become your new clientele.

3 How does it work?

Ayudaenibiza is the online and innovative approach to the traditional message board: an ever-moving meeting point between residents, tourists , nd local businesses. The website thrives on news, accommodation and job offers, as well as recommendations about the best places to go out, shop, eat out or visit in Ibiza.

4 Tailored advertising packages

Your business is unique and requires a tailored advertising package. We carry out a “no commitment” detailed analysis of your businesses needs to later design your personalised strategy. We place a number of publicity tools at your disposal including online banners, reports, photo galleries, personalised video reports, interviews, promotions and social media presence… Ayudaenibiza offers a world of possibilities to promote your business and reach your target audience.

Don’t wait any longer, send us an e-mail to: We want to work with YOU!

Ayudaenibiza – The Ibiza residents website