activities you can do in Ibiza

Just like every month, Ibiza’s cultural guide ¿Qué Hago Hoy?, has prepared the best selection of plans and activities you can do in Ibiza during November. You can take a look at other activities to do on the island during this month on the digital edition of ¿Qué Hago Hoy?

Day: Cada jueves

Time: 18h00

Event: Join the African dance workshop. It involves traditional African dances, as well as dances with African roots such as afro-jazz, African expression dance, contemporary afro-dance, modern afro dance, afro-oriental dance, among others. After the workshop, the restaurant and café Sa Qüestió invites you to a Flamenco Jam with Luis Amador at 21h30. Enjoy a wonderful environment with live music and performances made with energy and passion. Olé!

Day: Cada jueves

Time: 22h00

Event: Kokomedy nights with stand-ups are back to La Kokotxa with the best humor and a lot of laughter. We are back every Thursday with a different guest. Are you in?

Day: 03/11/2017

Time: 21h30

Event: Winter concerts are back to Can Pou Bar! Tonight enjoy the performances of Big OK and Zulu Zulu. Big OK is formed by singer Paul Foster, violinist Sara Fontán and drummer Edi Pou. The spent three days improvising and getting to know each other on a musical level at Foster’s house. The result is a post hardcore melting pot cooking an unpredictable sound. Zulu zulu is formed by three musicians from Mallorca. They combine African rhythms with pop melodies. A progressive pop rock sound with psychedelic sparks and African elements. They are Fy-Lyon (drums, percussion, vibraphone and vocals), M Zebra (bass guitar, percussion, drums and vocals) and Girafa# (guitar, synthesizers, trumpet, vibraphone and vocals). Entrance: 5€.

Day: 04/11/2017

Time: 14h00

Event: Cala Nova’s Chiringuito is having a closing celebration on the sand, right in front of the sea. A restaurant service with music, drinks, cocktails and a pizza station. They also have selected a set of artists to make us dance on the beach, including La Locanda, Manu González, Iban Mendoza, Mighel Garji, MISCHIEFMAKERS and Jacobo Saavedra. A wonderful line up that will keep us dancing until 00h00. It is a free entrance event with no lists or reservations where you can celebrate and enjoy a dream space.

Day: 09/11/2017

Time: 21h00

Event: Can Ventosa is hosting the VIII Humor Festival of Eivissa. It is the comedy event of the year on Ibiza Island. The 8th edition will congregate some of the best national comedians. Tonight there will be performances by Enrique San Francisco y Miki Dkai. The price has yet to be determined.

Day: 11/11/2017

Time: 21h00

Event: En Cas Serres. A concert with songs by la Resistencia & Moustaki with Marina Rossell as the main singer. It is the story of a debt, which has been nicely paid; it is full of love and complicity. Marina Rossel promised George Moustaki she would sing his songs in Catalan, while as the author of Le métèque (severely ill with a pulmonary emphysema) promised to sing Màrmara (a piece composed by Rossell in 1996) in French. That is the origin of the record Marina is singing, Moustaki. Ticket Price: advance ticket 15€, gate 20€.

Day: 12/11/2017

Time: 18h00

Event: En centro Cultural de Jesús. Rosa Dias de Andalusía’s Company, La Rous is presenting a play called “Hilos” (“Threads”). We come to the world tied up to the umbilical cord, which connect us to our mother in a unique way. What happens to that thread afterwards? It gets cut at birth, however the connection between both parts lives on as an invisible thread. The play won two awards at FETEN 2016;  best female presentation and best playwright. It was also nominated for the National Theater award for childhood and youth 2011. Price: Advance 8€, gate 10€.

Day: Del 19 al 24/11/2017

Time: 19h30

Event: En Can Jeroni. The IV short film festival “Mal del Cap” starts today. The main event on this festival will be the visit of the movie director Nacho Vigalondo, who was nominated for an Oscar for best short film. He will arrive on November 19 to present his last filmed produced in Hollywood, “Colossa”. It is a film about gender issues that deals with male chauvinism and abuse in a metaphorical way. He will be with us during the film projection and later on he will speak about it in a symposium. Free entrance.

Day: 18/11/2017

Time: 18h00

Event: En Teatro España. Santa Eulalia will roll out the red carpet for the end of the short film festival Ibicine. A journey that will gather national directors, producers, actors, screenwriters and all kinds of technicians of the national film industry.

The festival will start with the projection of the runner-up short films selected by the audience and the jury. Later on, the Astarté Awards ceremony will take place with different categories, Hollywood style. The event will be sponsored by actors Nadia de Santiago and Jon Plazaola and there will be important guests such as Keunam. Our wonderful host will be Agustín Prades. Get your invitation at

Day: 25/11/2017

Time: 18h00 | 21h00

Event: En Can Ventosa. A musical version of “The beauty and the Beast” meant for the whole family. It is produced by Musicaldansa and directed by Nàdia Banegas. The choreographer was Crisitina Roig and its casting includes many actors.  It is recommended for the whole family. The price is yet to be determined.

Day: 30/11/2017

Time: 20h30

Event: En Espacio Colibrí. Ladies, Wine & Design Ibiza is a space for creative women to have informal conversations about a wide variety of subjects related to creativity, business and life in general. The special guest for November will be the artist Joanna Hruby, founder of the puppet company “Theatre of the Ancients”. Joanna will talk about how she wants to bring people closer to the history of the Island through her work, and how she uses the Island’s mythology to teach about the Ibiza’s problems related to tourism and the environment. Aside from introducing her work, Joanna will host a small workshop where she will create a small book inspired by the goddess Tanit. The event is free; however, spaces are limited. Make a reservation: The event will be hosted in Engish.

activities you can do in Ibiza

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