The city of Eivissa will host on February 18 a new artistic activity with the aim of giving visibility to important women in history who were not recognized at the time due to the fact of being women.

This feminist project started in September 2018, led by artist Jerom and artist 2_flu and has its continuity now collaborating with other artists of the island.

The first phase consisted of painting three women of three different generations and ethnicities. An oriental 8 years old girl, a middle-aged African woman and an elderly woman from Ibiza, are the protagonists of this feminist work. In this first phase also collaborated the Ibizan artist Aida Miro.

The intention of these three artists is to extend this project throughout the island of Ibiza. There are many more faces of real women who, through the murals and calligraphy, tell their story to the pedestrians.

The second phase will be carried out by the Ibizan painter Caterina Tur, together with 2_flu and the trade unionist Margalida Roig. The Department of Planning and Public Roads will open the free walls and the necessary infrastructure to carry out large-scale works.


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