Early in the morning on the 23RD  and 24TH of June , all along the coast of Ibiza the coastal towns celebrate the night of St John, the most lit up and magical of the year in Ibiza. We’re here to give you 7 different rituals for the night of San Juan in Ibiza.

Once you’ve decided where to spend the night of San Juan in Ibiza, we suggest you take note of some of these rituals which, according to the most superstitious, will help you give welcome to a new – and prosperous – new season.

7 rituals for the night of San Juan in Ibiza

1 Eat Sant Joan Macaroons, Bunyol donuts and drink Pagés wine: every party will have their own special drinks and desserts. On Talamanca beach they hand out the world famous Sant Joan Macaroons, free of charge, while Bunyol donuts and the Vi Pagés wine is more typical in the town of San Joan.

2 BBQ on the Beach: if you decide to celebrate this festival on the beach, don’t forget to buy some meat to cook over the flames, sat in front of the sea.

3 Jump over the 9 new fires at midnight, so as to purify ourselves from the inside: only suited to the brave!

4 A midnight bathe: according to tradition, this ritual will guarantee good health throughout the rest of the year. On top of all this, if you can manage to jump over nine waves, with your back to the sea (not as easy as it sounds, especially in Talamanca) you’ll manage to banish all negative vibes and in the case of the ladies increase your fertility.

5 Write on a piece of paper 3 things that you’d like to change in your life, so that after, you can burn it in the new fires while jumping over it 3 times (we know how silly this last one sounds)

6 For those in search of love: it is said that if you set alight two red veils in your bedroom, you’ll find love in the coming months. In summary, there’s no harm in trying. 😉

7 Make a wish: if there was a a perfect time to make a wish (outside of Christmas and your birthday, it would be the night of San Juan. Close your eyes and ask for what you want most.


7 rituals for the night of San Juan in Ibiza
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