Whether you’re traveling to Ibiza on holidays, or you’re living on the island, here are some ideas for getting the most out of rainy Ibiza.

Although rainy days are few and far between in Ibiza, when it rains, it really rains. There’s a saying in Spain, “see bad weather, put on a good face”. So grab your umbrella and your best smile, and discover the many possibilities that Ibiza offers on those rainy days.

1 Discover the treasures of Dalt Vila. Umbrella in hand, check out the marina and walled quarter of de Dalt Vila. Declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1999, if the rain gets to be too much, another option is to take a tour of the various bars or shops that populate the area. You’re guaranteed to find some true gems.

Rainy Ibiza
Rainy Ibiza – Dalt Villa, Ibiza

2 There are various museums in Ibiza, ideal for visiting on a rainy day. Why not check out the “Centro de Interpretación Madina Yabisa”, the “Museo Arqueológico de Ibiza y Formentera”, the “Museo de Arte Contemporáneo”, or the “Museo Puget”. Have a look at these or other cultural options in the following link.

3 Try some authentic ibizan cuisine. Starting with some simple Payes bread with ali oli and trencade olives, and continuing to some truely elaborate dishes, like Matanza rice with bullit de peix, these dishes are great for tasting on the chilliest or rainiest of days. The Ibizan kitchens offer a wide range of flavours, taking complimenting ingredients and flavours from both the mountain and the sea which are adapted to suit any taste. As the icing on the cake, try some of the many desserts like “flaó” or “graixonera” with Caleta coffee or local liquorish made with Iberian herbs. Happy eating!

Rainy Ibiza
Rainy Ibiza – Flaó eivissean

4 Take a road trip through the heart of the Island. Rainy days are an ideal excuse to discover the towns and villages in the interior of the island. Take a trip to San Rafael, Santa Getrudis, San Lorenzo, San Carlos or San Juan. Lose yourself along the roads until you reach each town’s glorious church and main square where you can enjoy a nice treat in any one of the bars of the town. It’s the perfect plan for a rainy day.But don’t forget your camera: the route will no doubt give rise to utterly unique opportunities, worth immortalising.

5 An evening at the cinema. The perfect plan in almost any city on a rainy day. On “Avenida de Es Cubells” you’ll find the Multicines Aficine, with five theatres which show the most recent billboard releases. To make the whole thing that bit more fun why not include a game of bowling with some friends at the nearby “Bowling Vilapark”.

Rainy Ibiza
Rainy Ibiza – Cinema ,Ibiza

What are your favourite ways to spend a rainy Ibizan day?

Translated by: Éamon Heavey


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