We’re paying homage to 5 beach side gastronomic temples found in Ibiza. Cheap and cheerful beach bars we’ve been going to all our lives, no DJ’s and pretentiousness free, rather quality products found in establishments of authentic Ibizan character.

Trying out the local cuisine with our toes stuck in the sand is one of the great pleasures of summer. In this article we suggest a Foodie’s route with stops in 5 enchanting restaurants made of nothing more than wood and tarp. We sit down to enjoy their delightful treats in plastic seats, as we sit back and take in the delightful smells of its huge frying pans, replenished with fresh fish and vegetables. The dress code to get into beach bars in Ibiza is informal: Sandals and Trunks are obligatory however. We start with either one of those summer classics, a beer or sangria.

1 San Punta Beach Bar. It’s no wonder that we start off our beach bar route with this legendary beach bar. Situated at the end of Talamanca beach. Made up of 4 tin walls, wooden tables and picnic tables, the bar surprises you with its simplicity. The names that the Ibizan people have for this bar are numerous: “Clandestino”, “Cuatro Latas”… although it seems the most widely accepted is “Chirenguito de Maria”, Sardines, Tuna, red prwns, calamari, Dorada or Sirvia. If you’re serious about fresh fish, then this is your place. Complete the experience with a dip into the crystalline waters Sa Punta offers, with stairs down to the sea.

beach bars in Ibiza
Photo: blog.ryanair.com

2Cala Escondida (Cala Conta): hidden away on one of the small coves dotted around Cala Conta, we come across this beach bar, which, like Sa Punta, is mounted and dismantled annually. Here find one of the tastiest home made cous cous on the island, as well as other recipes with hints of Arab influences, all at a reasonable price. It’s also open for breakfast while, which you can enjoy while taking in an incredible view of one of the most beautiful beaches in Ibiza. We love it because it is 100% ecological with everything in this beach bar being made with recycled materials.

beach bars in Ibiza
Photo: Cala Escondida

3El Bigotes (Mastella Cove). Another bar we couldn’t leave out from this selection, one of the  most mythical bars of Ibiza: El Bigotes. The restaurant stands on one of the dry dock huts that dot the shore of Mastella cove. Its menu is simple, offering only one dish. Island-fresh bullit de peix plus “famoso e la isla”, prepared with fresh fish. El Bigotes are kind enough to serve up their beautiful dish practically 365 days of the year, so as you can guess, it’s necessary that you book a bit in advance. For lovers of picturesque and tasty, it’s well worth the hassle.

beach bars in Ibiza
Photo: Hugo García

4On the Beach (San Vicente Creek): Bob Marley would have loved this place with reggae music and the true bohemian spirit taking pride of place, even putting on concerts from time to time. On its menu we find a little of everything, from salads to international dishes, or maybe just a mouth-watering burger. It is also a perfect place to enjoy a cold juice or a cocktail after a long day at the beach.

beach bars in Ibiza
Photo: On the Beach

5Sa Trenka: Martina Cove. Our culinary periplous comes to an end in this familiar feeling, picturesque cove. In it’s heart we find this restaurant, specialists in seafood and rice dishes. It’s walls are not made of cloth or wood, and it’s floors aren’t sand, but Sa Trenka has managed to maintain its traditional character, and for this reason it has kept it place amongst the most highly praised of beach bars. As well as the fantastic views it offers it’s outdoor dining area, it comes with a most varied menu, including fresh fish and sea food dishes, rice dishes, and stews, all available at a more than reasonable price.

beach bars in Ibiza
Photo: Alba García

In the following link you can find 5 restaurants to eat in Ibiza for less than 15 euros. Bon appetit!

Original text by: Alba García


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