Pure blood Ibizans and our adopted brethren: In honour of our immense love for this island, we’ve put together this list documenting a few basic Ibizan idiosyncrasies. Speaking plainly: things you’ll only understand if you live in Ibiza or have ever lived a time.

Any of this things for live in Ibiza sounds familiar to you?

1.You DO NOT DRINK the tap water under any circumstances, especially if you’re living in Sant Jordi: in that case you’d be using bottled water for everything, even brushing your teeth.

2.The chances of meeting an Ibizan with 4 grandparents from the island are almost none. Long live the mix, and long live the ‘guiricencos’.

guiricencos: a term used to describe someone with one parent from Ibiza and another from a different country.

3.During the summer your house becomes a stopgap of sorts. You find yourself getting calls from friends that you haven’t seen since play school, all looking for a floor to sleep on for a week or 10.

4.This is when you find yourself bragging to all your friends from back home about your ‘contacts’ and ‘VIP lists’ which get you into all the best parties for free.

Things You’ll Only Understand if you Live in Ibiza.
Photo: periodicodeibiza.es

5.You hate the travel show specials which only focus on that one aspect of Ibiza (its parties). You never get sick of telling people that, just by chance, there’s another side to Ibiza.

6.You also get sick of explaining to family and friends back home that you’re not spending every night in Amnesia or Privilege, nor do you spend every morning sunning yourself on the beach.

7.It never once crossed your mind to go near “Cala Saladeta” in August (or Salinas, Cala Bassa, Cala Compta…)

8.The hope of renting a house or apartment at a reasonable price faded long ago. You always end up accepting to pay double what you thought you could afford, while at the same time feeling like a true ‘champion’

Things You’ll Only Understand if you Live in Ibiza.
Foto: disfrutalaplaya.com

9.In summer your ego can’t help but swell a little. “Jesus!! They’re really eating that, and they think its Paella? They pay €80 to get into a nightclub? Idiots! They’re going to that beach? There won’t be enough space to roll out a face cloth”. In the end you almost feel sorry for them “the poor fools, if only they knew”.

10.The desire you have in September for the season to end is directly proportional to the desire you have in April for the party to kick off again!

11.You know perfectly well that the GPS won’t work right when you need it to.

12.The same thing will happen with your phone coverage. You’re left with nothing right at that critical moment, but you learn to live with it.

13.The few rainy days that the island gets causes total chaos.

Things You’ll Only Understand if you Live in Ibiza.
Foto: multimedia.diariodeibiza.es

14.You’ve seen your favourite bar be redesigned (or reinvented altogether), change owner time and time again, ‘til it’s just not your favourite bar anymore.

15.You feel like a real winner when you find a bar that charges reasonable prices for drinks. You’re eyes might even fill with tears of joy, if they go as far as to serve a tapa, even if it’s just a few measly olives.

16.You know the name of all the best DJs even if you don’t like Electronic music.

17.When you travel, even if it’s to the Caribbean or south east Asia, you always come to the same conclusion ‘there are no beaches out there like those in Ibiza

18.You know that this is the best view in the world.

Things You’ll Only Understand if you Live in Ibiza.
Photo: Hugo Garcia

19.You simply dodge or maybe haggle with the PR and flyer guys on d’En Bossa beach like a pro…

20.You were utterly disgusted that they closed the Serra cinema.

21.You never get tired of explaining to tourist the difference between “seaweed and posidonia”

22.The meaning of success is having work for more than 10 months of the year.

23.You get really pissed off circling around Ibiza city centre trying to find a parking space in the summer.

24.Ibiza has a special energy and you can actually feel it, but you’ve decided to stop mentioning it to your friends back home who look at you like you’ve gone mad.

Things You’ll Only Understand if you Live in Ibiza.
Photo: Jaime García

Have we left out anything? Feel free to add more suggestions to the comments below to continue with this list of things you’ll only understand if you live in Ibiza

Original text by: Alba Garcia


  1. HIERBAS is 2 times more expencieve.

    There is way to much Guardia Civil on the island then 3 years ago.

    Taxidrivers think they are Nikki Lauda.

    Flowerpower in the winter is the best.

    And San Antonio is not so bad at all.

    And yes we do have more nice party’s in the winter. Because we really talk with each other.

    And my house does not have an adress. It is by the third blue rock to the left.

    And My landlord is called Maria for the last 4 houses i have rented.

    Un Saludos, Ciao,


  2. When you live in Ibiza (all year summer/winter), when season starts you can see the mass arriving on the island and you think: Oh no they are here again, stress is here again. Definetely you start to hate summer when you lived the winter in Ibiza! (good times).

  3. As tourists think we are all hippies , bargaining in shops has become a number one sport especially in july and august.And also the question ” where are the hippies? ” !!!!to which i always answer ” gone forever”.

  4. The history is so interesting from folkloric daning to Ibiza Old town. When I was there I met a Jewish couple who returned year after year as they were so fascinated.

    Nostradamus predicts if there’s a nuclear war ibiza is one of the few places it would not be affected due to the way the wind blew

  5. you know the back roads and dont have to take the ugly highways
    you know the ibiza clock is outside of the space opening and closing party
    you appreciate all the small markets and gems you can still find around the island
    you know 4 pepe’s, 2 paquita’s and an uncountable number of jose’s
    you know where to find top end booze and wholesale price
    you can tell the difference between an almond, fig, olive and lemon tree
    you know where to find live music events & venues
    you remember what things cost when they were in pesetas!

  6. There are still real ibicencans with native great an great-grand parents, some of the old folks signing with fingerprint and only speaking ibicencan, so far for “guiricencos”. We love the summer too, but just the very remote places (every year less). We depend on tourism if we want or not. There are still old “hippies” but slowly passing away… Jens/Juan, living here since 76. I got “adoptet” into payes families and know the real old ways of living. However, nice article, lots of love……………………


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