It might be, that Ibiza isn’t best known for its romanticism, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. What’s for certain is that although enchanting to all who go there, it holds a particularly special place in the hearts of the many young lovers that have crossed its shores.

Couples will find an endless list of love-filled activities, giving them the chance to proclaim their love to the four winds. Today we propose 20 romantic activities in Ibiza for you and your significant other to enjoy.

1 The Very Many Sunsets: Ibiza is famous for its sunsets, which are impressively visible from almost any point of the North of the Island. From the Torre de Pirata (Pirate Tower; Cala d’Hort) to Benirrás, we’ll help you to discover the best sunsets in Ibiza.

2 Days on the Beach: Simple, yes, but it might just be one of the romantic ideas we suggest. You just have to pay attention to those little details. A home-made picnic, a pedal boat ride… the options are as limitless as your imagination. In this article we recommend a number of the more “solitary” coves in Ibiza, where you and your partner can get a moment of intimacy. During the winter months the best plan is to visit the beaches, which, during the high season are always full of tourists. You’ll get to enjoy the spectacular natural scenery practically alone.romantic activities in Ibiza

3 Hanging Waterfalls: One of the most spectacular ways of surprising that special someone during the spring and summer months. The Hanging Waterfalls of Na Xamena (San Miguel). We can’t say it’s exactly low cost (Price per person around €70), but the experience is well worth while As well as travelling from pool to pool, you get to enjoy some of the most spectacular views of Ibiza. All draping over 180 meter high cliffs. More information here.

4 Meteor Showers: The meteor showers don’t just appear throughout the summer, and it’s in fact easier to enjoy this spectacle during the winter months, due to the diminished light pollution on the island. A quiet place, well-chosen company and a bottle of your favourite wine… The perfect plan is served.

5 Kayaking Under the Full Moon: This is one of the most emotive experiences you can enjoy with your partner. When weather permits, it’s a no-brainer, and if you’d prefer to paddle during the bright light of day, we recommend that you do so towards evening time. In this link we tell you all about our own experience kayaking under the full moon with Ascanio Surf School.

6 The Flowering of the Almond Trees: The best in life can often last the shortest times, the same can be said of the flowering of the almond trees, which appear from the end of January to till the beginning of March. During this period, we recommend that you take a stroll along Valle de la Corona (Santa Agnes), shaded by the pink and white almond blossoms. “It’d be a pleasant (and affordable) St. Valentine meal don’t you think 😉

romantic activities in Ibiza

7 A Trip to Formentera: What would Ibiza be without Formentera? And vice versa? This paradise, practically untouched by man, is one of the best suited escapades of those seeking romance. Its white sand beaches and crystalline waters, enchanting beach bars, rural walking trails and coves are like something out of a movie, setting the scene for your love inspired escape, no doubt impressing your other half. Don’t miss this article where we list the 30 must do activities when visiting Formentera.

8 A Romantic Dinner: The classic of all classics of the romantic dates. In Ibiza you’ll find restaurants to suit all tastes, some of them creating truly romantic and enchanting atmospheres, ideal for this type of occasion. In this article we list 5 of the most romantic restaurants on the island. Which are your favourites?

9 Afternoon Tea: Travel to London without leaving Ibiza. This is what the small tea room Queriendo-Té is trying to achieve in its venture. A charming local, which doesn’t go unnoticed or under appreciated, smack bang in the middle of Ibiza. Félix, the owner, fusses over every detail of the Café, and every customer, so ensure that the experience is as authentic as possible. Classical music, crockery and decoration from another time, the most extensive tea menu on the island of Ibiza and a delightful selection of pastries and tarts all the excuse you need to enjoy a very British romantic evening.

10 Terraces with a View: For the winter mornings, and summer nights. The terraces are one our favourite plans, irrespective of whether you go with as a couple or with your friends. Ibiza is a paradise for those that find themselves most at home in the terrace. In this article we point you towards the some of our favourites.romantic activities in Ibiza

11 Ice Cream: Ice cream. Undoubtedly the predilection of those in love. A total classic in the art of courting. On the island of Ibiza you’ll artisan ice cream parlours of the highest quality, such as Vivi’s Creamery, Punto G, Viccio (Sant Carles) and Gelato Ibiza, among many more.

12 A Walk in Dalt Vila: Madrid has the retiro Park, and Barcelona Parque Guell… and Ibiza, Dalt Vila. There are many places you can go for a walk on the island, but without question, Dalt Vila and its winding passages through the old quarter of the city, are of the finest quality walks anywhere are in Ibiza. Walk up the steep streets till you reach the cathedral, and descend – but not without first taking a break in one of its enchanting bars and terraces… its an experience that we don’t mind reliving again and again and again.

13 Sports in the Open Air: The sportier of partners will find an infinite list of alternative outdoor sporting experiences. From running, to paddle boarding or beach volleyball. Take a risk with some edgier sports such as rock climbing or why not try some water sports like Kayaking, scuba diving, paddle surfing or windsurfing. The island is littered with amazing outdoor spaces to practise them on.

14 Adventure at Altitude: If adrenaline is what you’re after, you’ll have a great time in AcroboscIbiza. This nature park is situated in Es Canar and in it you can try out different routes and activities, among which incudes getting to try out their variety of zip lines.romantic activities in Ibiza

15 Diving: Maybe the heights aren’t for you… but what about the aquatic world. If you’ve never tried it, your best bet is to ask in any one of the islands many diving schools. Ibiza is lucky to contain many unique diving spots, where you will have the opportunity to take in the great variety of fish species.

16 Afternoon Roller Blading: From the Puerta de Ibiza to el Faro de Botafoch, the Santa Eulalia Boardwalk, or the many municipal bike lanes, such as that in Santa Gertrudis – If you like roller blading, on the island of Ibiza you’ll find various areas, perfectly suited to it. If you wish to get started in this pastime, or discover new routes, we suggest you get in touch with Ibiza Patina.

17 A Walk Through the Ses Salines Natural Park: Given the blatant lack of artificial parks, I guess we’ll just have to settle for the many natural parks on offer in Ibiza. The Ses Salines Natural Park is one such park, and one of the most beautiful walks on the whole island. A perfect stroll at any time of the year. Contemplate the play of light and colour displayed when one steps upon the Salinas.

18 The Highest Point of Ibiza: All the same, higher is better. We’re speaking of viewpoints, undoubtedly a classic of romantic gestures. That of Sa Talaia is a special place for also being the highest point on the Island. , and possessing an unequalled panoramic view.

romantic activities in Ibiza

19 Art in the Open Air: If yours is more the artistic scene, we propose a visit to a genuine open air art museum. Between Cala Codolar and Cala Llentía we find 13 monoliths, which altogether make up an enormous ring. It’s not the only artwork in the area. An impressive arch opened, marking the Island if Es Vedrá, Conforming to the perfection of art in its place, which plays a crucial part in this experience.

20 Your romantic activitie in Ibiza: Solitary beaches, outdoor sports, countryside walks, charming cafes or bars, terraces … Number 20 is yours! what is your favorite romantic plan in Ibiza? Feel free to share it by leaving your comments on this post. 😉

Happy Valentines!

Original text by: Alba Garcia


  1. What about going to the outdoor cinema to see a film under the stars with your loved one? Pretty romantic I would say! Cinema Paradiso Ibiza has really comfortable seats and you can snuggle up to your partner <3


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