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conciertos en ibiza

Concerts in Ibiza 2015 season

Ibiza is the summit of electronic music, but in the island you can also enjoy a wide  variety of  musical styles. If you are passionate about live music in all its forms don't miss our...
Foto: HardRockHotel

Andrés is looking for a job in music sector

------------------------------------------------- Name: Andrés Pérez Age: 37 Area: Security, disco, hospitality, maintenance, music manager Preferences: Hotels, disco, restaurants, Ibiza city Contact info: 616031415 / srcpro1@gmail.com Curriculum Vitae: CV Andrés Pérez Photo: ------------------------------------------------- ¿Looking for a job in Ibiza? Find it with Ayudaenibiza employment channel! It’s so easy:  send...



¡No te pierdas!

24 Things You’ll Only Understand if you Live in Ibiza.

Pure blood Ibizans and our adopted brethren: In honour of our immense love for this island, we’ve put together this list documenting a few...