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Prensa ibiza

Ibizan business advertisements: create your very own online shop front

If you’re an Ibizan business owner, Ayudaenibiza.com is offering you the chance to create your very online shop front. Letting people know about special offers, new arrivals in store or promotions. These are just some...
Tablon Ayuda en Ibiza

Publish your adverts and offers in Ibiza!

Ads for businesses If you run a business (Shop, bar, pub, restaurant, crèche…) and you want to advertise new items, discounts or special offers in our “Ads for businesses” section, get in contact with our...
Ibiza comenzamos ayuda en ibiza

Ibiza: here we go!

Ibizans, residents of Ibiza and lovers of the Island, this site is for you! Due to the great feedback of our Facebook page, we’ve finally been able to create the first internet site with...



¡No te pierdas!

24 Things You’ll Only Understand if you Live in Ibiza.

Pure blood Ibizans and our adopted brethren: In honour of our immense love for this island, we’ve put together this list documenting a few...