Over the summer we need to spoil ourselves a little. The long working hours, beaming hot sun, the long days at the beach not to mention the long nights spent partying. It all takes its toll. This is why this year I decided to treat myself to the Devine Beauty Spa Experience located at Turquesa Peluquería y Estética (Turquesa Beaty and Hair). Body Exfoliation, Lymphatic Drainage massage, virtual body and face mesotherapy, face cleansing and hair and scalp moisturising treatments. All in one single session for only 79 euro.

You can find Turquesa in front of the polyclinic hospital on Vía Romana, the very same street where I rented my first apartment in Ibiza. It was a great stroke of luck to find such a high quality beauty and hair salon right beside my home. I’ve wanted to tell you about the Turquesa for some time now, as I’m sure there are many of you out there who are still looking for that high quality, stylish and above all cheap beauty salon (with that last point being no easy feat). I’ll get straight to the point. This post is to highlight the immediate and long term benefits of each of the treatments mentioned above.


First the total body exfoliation. A real necessity both at the beinning and the end of the summer season. On top of being an amazingly relaxing massage, the treatment leaves you r skin feeling smooth while simutaniously removing many of the toxins gathered under the layers of excess skin.

By way of the exfoliation we begin our lymphatic drainage massage. Here was the first place I had ever tried it and I must admit I was pretty sceptical. The results however were immediate. Reduced swelling in the legs, made even more noticeable if you’re liable to retaining fluid in such areas. On top of fighting the appearance of cellulite, or a tainted skin tone, the treatment improves circulation which in turn helps to remove the appearance of the dreaded varicose veins. The third step is the virtual body mesotherapy, which as opposed to the traditional method, leaves the need for needles behind in favour of a machine which penetrates deep into the skin with no need for the pain traditionally associated with the very beneficial treatment. The treatment also aids the fight against cellulite and varicose veins, leaving the skin firmer and brighter from as soon as the first session.

Hair, body and face beauty treatment in Ibiza
Lymphatic drainage massage


Next we continue to the facial. The first step is to carry out a thorough cleansing to remove dirt, grease and dead skin cells with accumulate throughout our day to day activities. The hyaluronic acid face cleanse is very satisfying and effortlessly opens the pores (gone are the days where facials were carried out pore by pore… what a scary thought!!) when the face cleanse is complete we continue with a virtual face mesotherapy (the exact same process as with the body) providing incredible results. The skin feels more toned than ever


The last stage of the ritual is the scalp and hair treatment, made ever more necessary for its reintroduction of crucial vitamins and minerals which help in repairing the damage done by the sun, sea and those chlorine rich swimming pools. It fills you hair with vigour.

I hope I have been able to transmit the pleasant experience I enjoyed at Turquesa Hair & Beauty. I left there feeling like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, and really looking forward to tell you about it.

Also, I took a brochure where you’ll find some of their services (and prices). Do not hesitate in trying them).

Hair, body and face beauty treatment in Ibiza
Turquesa brochure

*Please note: The Divine Beauty Spa Relax pack costs 79 euros with this promotion. The entire treatment is valued at 235 euros (the price of the sum of all parts). They can also be enjoyed separately.

*Original text by Alba García



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