Do you like to get to know new people and practice new languages? Well look no further: Join ABLA IBIZA, the island’s language exchange community, and enjoy yourself.



Saturday 6th May in Amistat Island Hostel Ibiza @6:00pm ABLA MASTER CHEF


Saturday 22th April in Malanga Café @9:00pm TRIVIAL NIGHT


Saturday 18th March in Malanga Café @9:00pm


Saturday 18th February in Malanga Café @9:00pm 3rd ANNIVERSARY FIESTA!

Friday 3th February in Project Social @9:00pm


Saturday 21th January in Malanga Café @9:00pm

It’s 12 midday, and we’re joined by Jimmy, the founder of the language exchange community ABLA IBIZA. We want him to tell us all about this group of people who come together from time to time across the island to practice their language skills and have a bit of fun, but we couldn’t imagine the excitement that came across us at the thought of trying out this experience ourselves, the excitement which Jimmy has for this organisation is little less than infectious.

Language Exchange Community
Language Exchange Community Ibiza

“It was more than a year ago when all this started” said jimmy, around St. Valentines 2014 they celebrated the first ever ABLA IBIZA. In its first year of existence Jimmy has seen his project grow and consolidate itself at a remarkable pace. From quiet get-togethers in tapas bars to hikes through different parts of the islands or even picnics on the beach. The ABLA IBIZA meet ups are forever garnering more followers. Beginning with a group of only 10 at the initial meeting they are managing to quadruple that number at recent gatherings. The secret to their success? Most notably it’s the long periods of time that members can end up spending together, without forgetting of course the main objective of the meetings, the learning of a second language. English and Spanish are two languages which are seldom missing from the group but you can also find French, German and Italian… so long as two people are willing to practice any language is welcome.

Language Exchange Community
Photo: ABLA Ibiza

An important networking tool

By day Jimmy works as an English teacher and by night he works as an assistant manager at Space nightclub and a Brazilian, tribal and Afro music DJ. So why did Jimmy, (a bilingual Spanish and English speaker) start up a language exchange? Although he admits he wanted to improve his knowledge of Portuguese, jimmy’s objective wasn’t only to learn new languages. He wanted to create in Ibiza, something that he himself had borne witness to in multiple cities all across the world: a group in which aside from having the opportunity to learn a foreign language, woud allow you to make a whole heap of friends and discover a more authentic side to the city you were in.

Language Exchange Community
Photo: ABLA Ibiza

These were the circumstances that led to the launch of ABLA IBIZA, which for Jimmy has become more an opportunity to network than a mere language exchange. He illustrates the potential citing his own example, securing his assistant manager job through a member of the group. Asides from finding his dream job, Jimmy tells of a few members who have already found love through the group ABLA IBIZA. “At all the meetings you get a sticker with your name and the language you wish to speak, if you’re also single we’ll add a heart to your sticker and if you’re gay and you’d like us to we’ll add two hearts to your sticker. It’s through this that we’re able to create conversations that go beyond the normal “de dondé eres?” and “dondé vives?”

Language Exchange Community
Photo: ABLA Ibiza



Saturday 17th December in Malanga Café Speed ABLA @9:00pm

Saturday 2th December in Project Social ABLA After work @7:00pm


Saturday 26th November in Project Social  Special event ABLA VIP Dates @9:00pm

Saturday 19th November  in Malanga Café Special Trivia Night @9:00pm

Saturday 5th November in Project Social @8:00pm


Saturday 22th October in Malanga Café @9:00pm

Saturday 15th October in Figueretas beach with ABLA Ibiza + Kayak Ibiza @10:00

Saturday 8th October in Malanga Café @9:00pm


Saturday 28th May in Figueretas Kayak route with Escapadas Ibiza @10:00pm

Saturday 21th May in Nine Ibiza @9:00pm

Saturday 14th May in Ocean Drive Hotel with ABLA Ibiza + Wistla @8:30pm

Saturday 7th May in Talamanca beach with ABLA Ibiza + Walking Ibiza @11:00am


Saturday 23th April in White Ibiza Beach Club with Escapadas Ibiza outdoor activity Beach Volleyball 2×2 @12:00am

Saturday 9th April in Malanga Café @9:00pm


Sunday 20th March in Ocean Drive @6:00pm

Saturday12th March in Pou des Lleó @11:00am


Saturday 27th February in Nine Ibiza @9:00pm

Saturday 13th February in Malanga Café @9:00pm

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Translated by: Éamon Heavey



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